As most of the artists I have no interest in talking about me, I do rather have my art to speak for me. More than a work, it helps a trans woman with mild autism to relax in a world which honestly is troublesome for people called "Normal", and which is even worse for who is too different.

I like in my arts to do a combination of cuteness and strangeness, I value movement and more important, interactivity. My art also have a influence of music, a common passion to many who have autism. I try to not limit myself to the opinion of others in my works, and at the same time I avoid shocking too much people when showing certain subjects. I feel as if my life could be represented by the famous symbol of yin-yang: Positive and negative, oposing forces which are part of my art. In the beginning I was just very applied to my studies and in a naive way tried to be gentle with other people, but with time I added to that "without losing the love for myself" and "avoiding being victimist" due to what I passed through in life. My life could be much better, but could also be worst.

Some points of my story are:

Without provocation life gave me hatred and hypocrisy since I was a child; I was ruined but yet managed to recover myself and now I give back flowers. As other metaphor says: "From the lemons I did a lemonade". My smiling photo above is my answer to this world.

Last Updated: 2022/02/19

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