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Shards of a Soul

Shards of a Soul


Do the self end with upon death? Many scientist believe so, but even among them there are those who are not so sure. And what about reincarnation, be born again, rebirth? Even among religious people there are those who believe and those who do not. From where come those qualities and flaws you always had but which you never could explain their origins? Only genes? Genes Memory? From where does it come those very realistic dreams about other lifes in another point of the time and space? Sometimes waking up crying, very happy or horrified without a reason as it was not real? This is a subject shrouded in mystery, and the one chosen by me for the creation of my first series..

I chose it because I had 3 very specific dream related experiences compared to all the other dreams from my life: Inside one of them I could feel in body and emotions how it was to live as a women even though I was born as a man; things I could only feel again in the future as a trans woman, with a body whose main hormone had become the feminine hormone estrogen. Other example was dreaming about thing I could not know awake but which by searching in the internet after waking up, I could see which that thing really existed and was as shown in the dream. That also happened with other two dreams. I still do not fully believe, but after that I started believing up to a point, leaving my opinion about this subject "open". Lies? Surely we cannot believe in everything, but I also must mention which there are things which science cannot understand even now but that do not make such things false. Sometimes only who passed through such situations will know about how real it looked.

The girl who had a radiant smile (Soon)

The young scribe aprentice (Soon)

The woman who loved music (Soon)

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