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A life simulation with anime, space, music and RPG elements? How weird! This is the objective of this project, made with care by a single gamer girl aiming to deliver an unique and cross-genre experience.


You were born in the capital of the strange and dark nightking country, called "Lunaria". Your parents once were adventurers, and due to their stories you began wishing to become one was well, but sadly you do not have enough money to start your glorious career and not everyone in your family approves that. Certainly that will not stop you, and this way your life journey begins... with amazing things await for you?




With the end of the BGE (Blender Game Engine), the project is currently being updated to use the Panda3D engine. Currently the update process is 33% finished.

Starchild Panda3d at the "Restore 033.0 Linux 64-bit" version.


Starchild Track 1 (by Yuko)
Starchild Track 2 (by Yuko)
Starchild Track 3 (by Trepidantes)
Starchild Track 4 (by Marwan Nimra)
Starchild Track 5 (by Peachii)


Until where I could test, you need only a 64-bit linux, 7zip to unpack it and to click the executable file called "Starchild". To leave at any point of the test, press "esc". If it do not run or behaves weirdly, at user/logs/game.log there should be details about why.

A github version will be made available soon for all those who want to do a build for their system by themselves and who have the knowledge for such.

Linux 64-bit:
Windows 64-bit: Still unavailable
Mac 64-bit: Still unavailable


Those are the articles already published about the game by me. Usually they happen only once a month, first here and then at other sites.

Starchild Captain Log: 2021/03/31
Starchild Captain Log: 2021/06/04


The GNU GPL 3 license allows you to study the code and create modifications, as long as you give it back to the community (myself included); it is even allowed to make profit from it. The Creative Commons Non Commercial Share Alike (CC NC SA) license allows the same regarding the game art, but you cannot profit from it as I give more importante to my arts. Everyone wins. According to both, you must mention me when using something from this project.

Last update: 2022/02/10

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