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Not always industrialized beauty products are the best, sometimes giving that feeling thanks to the huge amount of money spent in publicity to influence the opinion of the public with lies and half-truths. Sometimes the problem is which they are more expensive for the same results given by the nature, sometimes toxic, sometimes its production concerngs the suffering of other living beings, human beings and the planet as a whole and sometimes nature do a much better job by working on its "products" for many millenia and have multiple uses. If you arrived in this article, then you already know these facts, consider it an evolution of you as a human being more caring of your surroundings. You can make natural cosmetics in the comfort of your own home using the correct ingredients and utensils.

At this blog ratings area > vegan products you can see shops which I already tested and which had a positive or negative result. The basic utensils which I use in my recipes are:

Plate for water bath - Without that you will need to use a pan with boiling water and a metallic sieve above it where you will leave the small mixture pan. That will lead to a loss of time, convenience and water. The fire of the stove cannot enter in direct contact with the small mixture pan for such recipes.

Measuring small pan - It will be where you will make your mixture. The size of the pan depends on the quantity of the product you wish to make.

Porcelain bowl - Where you will leave the mixture to dry or to add ingredients which cannot be put in heat. If you put your hot mixture directly in a plastic bowl for example, it can crack.

Spatula and funnel - The spatula make it easier to handle the mixture, while the funnel allows you to add liquids and oils without pouring half of it out.

Measurer - There are different kinds of measurers, but for very simple recipes this one is enough. Usually I use it to measure the needed quantity of bee wax only, the quantity of oil I already know by experience.

Pots of different sizes - The size of the pot depends on how much product you want to make. In general, it is good to have small pots just to make experiments and larger pots for recipes you know which work. The best material although more expensive is glass because it it resistent and do not react to its content.

The basic ingredients I use and their properties in a very resumed form are as follow:

Yellow bee wax - Depending on how much you use, it will achieve a soap consistency, of liquid soap or cream. I like the yellow bee wax because the white one pass through an artificial whitening process. You must heat it to use in a mixture and wait it to dry when finished. It has other properties as being a cicatrizant and creating a protective layer upon your skin and hair.

Grape seed oil - As with any kind of oil it creates a protective layer over your skin or hair. Its properties include stretching the skin, reducing pores and making it look younger in general.

Coconut oil - Kills bacteria, nourish and moisturizes the skin by preventing its water from evaporating. At lower temperatures, the true coconut oil will become a kind of cream.

White clay powder - The clay powder in general help you to obtain a younger skin if used regularly.

Universal Cream

The universal cream purpose is to moisturize, nourish and rejuvenate the skin by your whole body. In the case of your hair, it acts as a kind of hair gel. Its ingredients are:

Deodorant cream

The deodorant cream consists of the above universal cream with the addition of sodium bicarbonate after the main mixture is dry. It is very important to use the right amount of bicarbonate, as if you use too much you will "burn" your skin and if you use too few the bad smell will not be totally neutralized. Depending on the quantity of bicarbonate, the mixture can last a whole day, or make it necessary to reapply it at least once a day.

Last Updated: 2022/02/22

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