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You may know what is autism based on articles from the media or someone you know; but I will tell you here a more profound analysis of what is autism, basing it on my own life experience as someone with autism. Perhaps you, visitor, also is someone with autism; it took me a while to discover myself which I had the condition.

Autism is a condition which usually can be identified by a set of specific traits, but any generalization is false and not always that is true. There are many degrees, from lighter (my case) cases where it is still preserved some independence and traits which are considered "normal", to more severe cases where the person cannot live by itself neither have any social relationships. Having a condition does not relate to character, we can have a kind autistic person and an evil one, and even among people with autism we have sometimes friction. Some of our traits are:

It may sound funny, but not all autistical person know the symbol above. I did not. There are other symbols as well. According to whay I could grasp, those puzzle pieces are related to our methodical and logical way, while the different colors and the joined pieces show the diversity of personalities and traits which each person with autism have. When we talk about "condition" we usually think only in "limitations", like for example when someone is physically handicapped; but autism is one of those conditions in which you lose something considered "normal" but you gain in exchange exceptional gifts. That remembers a bit the concept of transhumanism and the concept of the mutants from science fiction to a point. If everyone had autism and few were "normal", society would simply work in a different way, more fit for us and less fit for "normal" people. It just is which this society puts a lot of praise in being "extroverted" and as such consider being "introverted" a flaw. Fully thing how many advances in many areas such as technology and psychology were made by the introverted people.

We have contradictory traits which causes irritation even to us, like being too sensitive to the suffering of others and at the same time being completely insensitive to some other things. Our sensibilities to external stimuli make it easy for us to overload, and that causes problems such as constant physical and mental pain. It is not unusual for us to feel melancholic, sad and irritated until we learn how to better manage such stimuli from the present or the past. Other people show understand which any person under those circumstances will be "weird".

We are target of bullying be it due to envy because of our qualities or aversion to what they judge as different and "wrong", being it which everyone have their flaws. That amplify our flaws and nullify our qualities, and that is exactly what some of them want. A person with autism which suffered much for too long have to risk to become an incredibly evil person, with its flaws amplified to the maximum and super-human abilities used in selfish ways. In the same way, a person with autism which grew in a peaceful environment will show its best and have its flaws polished. However, let us think about this, would it not apply to any living being? There are exceptions, but normally a person or animal gives back to the world what it received from it while growing.

Did you know which in Brazil you can include in your identification card the symbol of autism? In case you already have an identification card, you can just ask for an updated replacement. You will get priority customer service as it is psychologically painful for us to stay still for a long time surrounded by a lot of people, and you will not be harassed by for example the police because your are too "strange" for a normal "person". They will not expect from you things which you cannot accomplish. Below is an example identity card modified to not include personal information (obviously).

To acquire it, you need to go to a psychologist, psychiatrist or neurologist to obtain an attestation saying which you have autism, its technical name (autism specter disorder or the like) and a CID, which is an official medical classification number. It may not come written somewhere "autism", only people with specific conditions may receive a "person with impairment" written in its identity card. The medical appointments usually take months, and private professionals normally are better than those from heath care plans. An important thing to say is: Be careful with the chosen professional, because as you can see by this site ratings > medics area and the article "people you must avoid" there are many medics which although have a diploma of "mind professionals" will have no empathy for you, not helping in anything or even making your situation worse. If you feel which the medic is not good, do not continue the appointments and search for a better one; as it will be much more painful when you see the waste of time in the future when the situation become unbearable for both sides. You having a notion of what you have or do not have by means of self-knowledge, knowing what you like or do not like, this is not arrogance but loving yourself and a gesture of intelligence. Some of those "professionals" sometimes actually are mentally unstable (ironic), and you do not need more unbalance in your life. Having to deal with the downsides or having autism daily, that is more than enough.

Last Updated: 2022/02/22

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