Basic hints for trans men

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Although I am trans woman, during my research I stumbled upon a few data regarding trans men and ended up becoming friend of at least 2; so I believe I can help those too inexperienced with very basic things.


It seems which it is easier for trans women to gather in groups in share our experiences, perhaps due to our more female mindset supporting that. Trans men on the other side are the opposite, so groups for them seems more scarce. Perhaps the patriarchal society makes them think which to be male you must be emotionally cold and which showing emotions is a "girlish thing"? I do not know, but anyway, the hints I have are:


And that is it my dear trans men, for additional information you will need to befriend a trans man which is more ahead in the FtM transition than you, go to your local center for trans people or to a psychologist or endocrinologist which have experience with trans men. Always keep in mind the following: Be careful when choosing a person to befriend, in order to avoid future problems.

Last Updated: 2022/02/13

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