The trans scenario

Sometimes it can be difficult finding online information about the procedures which trans women usually do, and they are forced to enter in forums and groups of doubtful quality from social networks be it due to their members or even by their administration themselves. I say by experience, as I also entered a forum of horrible quality (which later properly ceased to exist) and I entered an equally deplorable group long ago. I also entered a famous international forum of average quality, not good neither bad, but which even in 2021 is always fighting to to not close due to the lack of financial support.

Due to all this, I at first created a forum to give support to trans women together with a small digital influencer who was also a trans women, such a forum failed because I received 0 support from the brazilian trans community. I even helped create and for a while manage a group whose main rule was "Respect others if you want to be respected", where I shared some of my knowledge about the subject together with other trans women. That new group surpassed that mediocre group I mentioned and probably exist until now; I eventually left that little project due to the high usage of my free time and having growing stressed of dealing with that community. There were even attempts of the mediocre group to "sabotage" the new group, childishly trying to destroy what they saw as a "threat" instead of uniting under the same banner.

The truth is which although some of us are fine human beings, which the trans women community is full of people with psychological problems in varying degrees, be them temporary or permanent. Perhaps the side effects of the medicines used for our hormone therapy boost their issues. Some are no even trans people who think they are, men who sometimes want to rape other women. It is not rare to find trans women doing discrimination against other trans women (hypocrisy) based on a male and distorted sense of what a "real" trans woman would look like: Big breasts and rear, never lesbian and always full of jewels and makeup. Some simply puke their personal frustrations at the first colleague who they see as "wrong" by means of verbal abuse. We have many trans women who sell their bodies to satisfy men due to the fact which not all have a 'good life'; the problem is when they think themselves superior to trans women who have such "good life" and do not prostitution instead of getting happy for them... Some like that life due to their personality, while others do it by a lack of options, studying and finding other occupation as soon as possible. At least concerning the brazilian trans community, I can say which it was very sexualized, as if being a trans woman was only that; and that feeds the image which society have which we are just a bunch of "prostitutes".

There was even one of them who came to me as a "friend" and soon was raging about how I refused to "recognize the love I have for you", when I simply failed to perceive that coming from a person so unstable and drowned in self-pity, and because I simply have few or no interest on that. For that person I even advised to let go of her destructive emotions; but all she did was rage once more and block me in social networks right after so she could not receive a reply (which I would not give) while she talked about how I "look like my psychologist talking", showing which more people had told her that. Her psychologist has said it. I would had removed her if she did not had taken the initiative. There was other case, where the person had the decency to not waste my time and quickly go away as soon as it noticed which I was not easily manipulable and naive anymore, which I had no interest. There are many there who are desperate due to being lonely, but which it is lonely for reasons which soon become clear as the sky; while others are simply predators, trans or men pretending to be trans.

It is not only me who think which dealing with the community was very stressful. A few years ago one of the people who kept managing that new group after I left said about how it was a group containing "a lot of people with problem, stressful to deal with". Even so I had a few good friendships with a few trans women, but they also have their own internal problems; being it only which their flaws were more compatible with my own.

If they are that way among themselves, imagine how people outside de trans community in Brazil react to us. Under the lie of "friendly brazilian people" there are one of the countries which most kill trans people, not to mention in particularly cruel ways. I am brazilian, so you cannot flee from this truth by claiming it was said by a "foreigner". I do not have the power to change many things, but I can act over a very important problem: Knowledge cannot be privatized, as you do not know the intent of such private groups. That is why I am sharing in my blog medical knowledge which no one else have, acquired by using myself as a guinea-pig so you can have a better time doing the same. Sometimes I also share knowledge concerning other subjects which I believe are useful, be them from the point of being trans or of being a human.

This was my experience regarding this subject and impressions in a summarized manner. Perhaps you life experiences as a trans woman inside the community were different.

Last Updated: 2022/02/14

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