Transhumanism and Transpecies

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Transhumanism is not a scientific movement which will change the world, it is already changing it. In essence, it talks about the usage of technology to "transcend" or even replace the human being, depending on the philosophy of this movement which you talk about. As any movement, it have various different philosophies under the same base and even different political parties inside it. A good example would be the rise of the called "cyborgs" among us: Humans which by means of cybernetic implants obtain abilities which they normally do not have.

As for the word "transpecies", it was created with the support of the called "cyborg foundation", and defines someone who do not feel to have a human identity. Some of them as expected say that because they have some psychological conditional which affects their judgement, but others may have reason in what they say: They can be human, but want to "transcend" what is usually defined as human being. To me, it remembers a bit of the argumentation concerning the concept of transsexual, transgender and lgbt people does't it? Perhaps trans women such as me were just forerunners of the "transpecies" concept, forerunners of something much bigger.

The human being is usually defined as having an intellect "superior" to other living beings in this world, "humanity" is also used as having the moral sense of what is right and what is wrong; but in practice the human being have a lot of destructive behaviours, self-destructive and irrational which threaten the own world where they live and all the other living beings. That is not inteligence. Sometimes it can be seen even in animals the concept of "humanity" meaning altruism, it is not needed to be human to have a basic moral sense.

A lot of theoreticians already mentioned which even now the human race is only a step in the evolution for a "super human", and the flow of events in the human history may very well show which it is a truth: Humans are very flawed. To change drastically is necessary to ensure the survival of the human race and more important, of this world; even if in the future as another race.

The transhuman movement defends the right of people to choose to modify their bodies targeting "transcend" as soon as the technology becomes available to most; and they have the equal right to say "no, thank you". Some people who disagree bring valid criticism which help the movement to improve itself, but as expected, there are those small minds which do not only disagree, but want to destroy a movement which can no longer be stopped. Again as expected, sometimes it is not even a preconception original to the person but a prejudice adopted from other person seen as a "leader", by sheer laziness or incapacity to think by themselves. So it was with any great advance in humanity history: Vaccine, the theory which earth is not the center of the universe (neither humans), the replacement of human work by machines... without those you would be defenseless against deadly diseases, would not have a smartphone, laptop, fridge... it is the same kind of people who refuse to have their children receive vaccination due to their "right of choice", while the children and people around them die without anyone asking them about their right of not dying as a result of the decision of the selfish and dumb person from the example.

It is incredible, but even among religious people there are many who consider the transhuman movement and the improvements it is bringing to this world as the "promise of God" to "raise humanity" being made manifest; they do not see it as an offense to their beliefs. With other worlds they have the reason. The advances in artificial tissues avoid tests in animals, which suffer horrors in the name of advancements which only benefit a species, human, who are destroying the world where they live. Such advancements allow a surprising recovery of people who had severe burns or which have an organ in the imminence of a total failure. Independent organizations donate eye implants which restore vision to who had lost it and ear implants which restore hearing. It is indeed miraculous.


As any great idea, it have an equal potential for evil as it has for good; but the responsability in case it is not well used, and it will, is only of the evil people who use them wrong. An idea has no fault by itself, it does not have a mind.

I accepted myself as a trans women by necessity, and you can read more about it at other articles in this site. As for my interest in the "transhuman" movement and seeing myself to a point as "transpecies" was a decision made by choice. Since I was a child I disagree with many forms of thinking which are considered "normal for humans", and I imagined about how marvelous it would be to have a body capable of so much more than the fragile human body can offer; but this point of view did not have a definition under which similar people could gather. Now this definition exists.

Last Updated: 2022/02/13

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