"Trans Woman" vs "Trans Feminine" vs "Woman"

At the transgender environment, as said at other articles new words appear and other vanquish all the time, and there is a lot of complexity regarding the many types which exist inside the transgender spectrum. Inside the transsexual group, it is not different.

Regarding the words "trans woman", "trans feminine" and "woman", I see it as follows: The 3 of them make reference to someone with a feminine gender identity, but there are fundamental differences from the physical point of view, reality. I do not have interest in base myself only in the mental aspect, the gender identity (which is subjective), I want to speak of the physical aspect; as if we base ourselves only in subjectivity to define things, antone can claim to be a trans woman even if they are not. Such a person could even claim to be napoleon reincarned and no one would be able to deny that. We have to base ourselves also in concrete and easily observable facts beyond the psychological aspect, to search for a middle ground. At least when I started my transition to be a trans woman, I was required to have several medical appointments at least with one psychologist to confirm my condition or at least to do the gender confirmation surgery; it was no done freely, without any rules. Being a trans woman is something with a negative impact in our lives until we made a significant progress in our transition. We did not existed as trans women before the medical technology for that was developed, we lived hidden or expressed ourselves in other ways; we were merely transgender people although that word did not yet existed. We will never be most of this planet population, rule, we are exception, different, gender identities born in bodies with the wrong sex.

Cis women (physically from birth) in their majority have a vagina, they do not have a penis. Few have an irregular formation of their genitalia. Those of lesbian sexual orientation usually use an artificial penis to give pleasure to their parteners and receive it; but it does not change which they have a vagina and which most do not desire a real penis permanently attached to their bodies. Most of the trans woman (myself included) wish to approach their bodies as much as possible to the body of a cis woman, and that included the gender confirmation surgery. Some do not do it by money, health or other impeding conditions, but if asked about they will confirm they want the surgery. Many trans women died in the past and still die nowadays (although much less) due to a poorly executed surgery, but the surgery is so important to them which some die happy by at least dying without a penis. That to me is being a trans woman.

I myself can only continue living under the hope of finishing my transition even under the risk of death; since children I do not like having a male genitalia. A trans woman feels a great psychological pain for not having a vagina, and some go as far as killing themselves due to that. That is not related to sexual pleasure. For many of us trans womenn which in their majority desire a complete transition, it is offensive to say you are a trans woman while not having the slightest problem with your penis. Surely I was not always that sure, it was a self-discovery process in which starting the hormone therapy and later receiving some feminization surgeries were very important, only after each one I understood myself better. With each step I slowly ceased to feel unhappy and start actually feeling happiness with myself, and that led me to be increasingly better when dealing with other people and living things in general. The hatred for life decreased. This positive progression simultaneous to the body feminization process is other sign of what I consider a trans woman.

If someone says which is a trans woman but which it likes or is indifferent to having a penis, then to me that person would be a "trans female" and not a "trans woman", people who although being strongly feminine, actually like having traits of both sexes in varying degrees. If that was how I felt, I would describe myself as this; I would not descrive myself as something which does not fully matches my mind and body. There is no physical foundation to rely upon to say otherwise. Saying otherwise would be like saying which earth is flat and which eggs have hair and expect other people to just accept that; it is not rare which the people who claim otherwise are those people which identify themselves in such a way. They claim which "trans people transcend lavels and are infinite in their identities"; something which usually is true, but which in this context sounds as a subterfuge to flee from the concrete, not abstract facts. It also sounds to me as a half-truth which "transphobic people are already against us and we should not be against each other" as an attempt to flee from concrete facts, although usually it is the person who identify as susch who start the discussion when they attempted to force themselves as trans woman and expected to be recognized as such. It is not enough being already recognized as having a female gender identity and having a body mostly feminine? Why dishonor the memory of trans women who died during the surgery, became damaged and the suffering of the post-surgery recovering from those who survived and survive? It makes no sense. Sometimes they even come with a "who are you to say what is not a trans woman?!" and I could answer with almost the same question: "and who are you to say what is a trans woman?"... different interpretations of the subject as I said before.

When truly trans, many times they are confused people who are still discovering their place in the trans spectrum, sometimes they do not know a word to describe themselves or such word do not even exist yet, not to mention when they are taught to call themselves that way. When they are not trans, they are men without malicious intent (transvestite for example) or even with (rapists), although it seems the last case is rare. Some do it consciously while others have psychological issues with impairs their judgment. To be a minority inside a minority, that is no valid argument. You have all the right to disagree, healthy discussions sometimes bring new ideas to both sides; but without concrete and convincing arguments to make others reconsider their opinions, your opinion to me and many others will be just that, opinion. It will have no foundation in reality.

It does not makes me a hypocrite which in my transition beginning other trans women (or which considered themselves as such) mocked me by incorrectly thinking which I was not a trans woman by sexual orientation (lesbian), way of speaking and dressing and body language. It is ridiculous to say in an attempt to flee from the discussion about the physical proofs which I would be "replicating pre-conceptions". I will not physically harm or mock you if you are from a different way of female identity, I do not have interest in questioning that as this is personal; and as many trans women I fight for respect for people such as us in my own way. It is veru different, I am talking about a question of words, categories and nothing else. It has always been a fact which straight or lesbian cis women (for example) not always have a delicate body, not all dress, speak and have a body language considerated delicate; and as I said before, it is a fact which most of the women from birth whose body trans women try to replicate, they have vaginas and not penis. Perhaps my opinion about that change one day, but also, it may not.

Now about other subject:

Some trans women after their transition forget which they are trans and at all cost try to transmit an image of being a cis women to other people, sometimes lying to other trans people and denying them help. I must inform which your bone structure is still male, also you genes. In the end everyone does as it pleases them, but I do rather be called "trans women" and not "women" or "cis women"; some people I know even suggested me to present myself as a normal woman, but I am not. I am a female gender identity stuck in a body of the opposite sex at birth, which currently is with her transition almost complete. This is what makes me different as a person and professional. It is a concrete fact, pretending I am cis would not be. That does not mean I will talk about how I am a trans woman all the time, as some environments are hostile to that.

Last Updated: 2022/02/14

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