Changing a Voice

As promised I will now report about how was my voice surgery and later recovery. Currently it has passed 2 months since the procedure, which is usually done together with other procedures during a MtF (male to female) transition. It was a simple surgery, thus I did not registered a lot of things, just an image, a couple of audios and some information.

The hospital was the same in which I did my rhinoplasty: Hospital Oto, You can read my negative review about it at this site blog > ratings > hospitals. Just before the surgery I by accident ended washing my hair and I had a lot of work to dry it before the surgery; and even so I felt a lot of cold at the surgery table. The anesthetist was the only in 3 surgeries which got my veins right at the first attempt, without giving me additional and unnecessary pain. Good. It was the only surgery where I felt seizures before fainting, a little uncomfortable but ignoring this it was the same as all other surgeries. One of the surgeon colleague was laughing a lot however, it was irritating.

After the surgery I could not speak and anyway should not. It was not as bad as I thought, neither too easy; it became a little worst to swallow and breathe and my throat hurt a little. The medication were the usual for a surgery: Things for the throat to not get too inflamed, for pain, infecction, light fever... Like I did for the rhinoplasty, I decided to not eat anything solid for a few days, starting with liquids and cold soups, going to hot soups and only then returning to solid food. The funny thing is which I was right in so doing although the medic said which I could eat normally after the surgery and which I could talk in 2 weeks. Other point: After 2 weeks the surgeon said which the recovery would in truth take from 3 to 6 months... that was the real recovery time. I wished he was honest about that since the first medical appointment.

The surgeon did not talked a lot by chat, answering most of my questions about if i had understood something right with a thumbs up if I had... he became much more communicative a little before the surgery and later. I think he could improve that, although I also know which he is busier than the other medics because he is one of the managers of that plastic surgery clinic called "Otosplasticlinic". I liked how he did not cared about money, asking like others to be paid in advance. Perhaps having some fame have this effect, I was surprised which a medic holding some fame could still care to handle their patients well. As the surgeon who made my nose, he did not had a receptionist only for him, she was a receptionist for many medics. That allowed me to talk directly with him many times; he accepted online examinations and criticism normally, unlike the bad medic which I mentioned at this site ratings area. He charged for his visit to my hospital apartment while the medic who made my nose did not. The overall surgery value is cheap however due to it being a simpler surgery, around R$ 12.000 including lodging, surgery room and the payment of the medic and his team.

I forced myself to remain silent for 1 week, but by the end of week 1 I was already getting crazy from not being able to quickly convey my thoughts, having to use a smartphone instead. I spoke 10 words in saturday and 25 in the next day. The quantity of words which you can speak will increase slowly with time, and at least for the first weeks you will always lose your voice after that limit is exceeded and your thoart will get irritated. You will become very, very hoarse and will usually speak very low.

What helped a lot was a drink which I learned from the nutritionist: water, ginger poweder, "propolis" extract and lemon. As far as I know, ginger and lemon help in weakining bacteria and propolis by itself is an anti-inflammatory. The interesting thing is which it was a drink originally prescribed for digestive problems. After 1 week I once more made an effort to remain silent and for almost all week 2 I could, but next to its end I started speaking once more. Speaking was easier though.

I then scheduled visits to a speech therapist and he prescribed me increasing complex exercises to recover my voice. I was surprised about how they actually work, but as I am a busy person I only do them once a day instead of 3. Your voice will improve a lot after those exercises, but it will soon get worse again; as they only increase the recovery speed, they do not replace many months of recovery. Other thing which he did and was useful was the usage of a laser for lymphatic drainage, a session of it is the equivalent of 500 hand massages of lymphatic drainage; he also had a vibrating device which vibrates your vocal chords from the outside to inside. The speech therapist explained in details about how each exercise moved the vocal chords and how those movements helped in its recovery. Currently I still get tired if I talk too much and the voice has flaws, but the voice no longer vanquishes after a limit is trespassed, only gets worse, and I can speak louder. He made a test and my voice left the male frequency range and now usually reaches 250hz, reaching 350hz if I make a little effort; both considered a female voice range.

The surgeon did not lied to me, he said which the surgery would solve only part of my problems, and which I would still need to train my voice and manipulate it a little while I lived; it would only be which it would become a lot easier. Indeed it became less tiresome to achieve a female voice range, and that was a HUGE improvement to my self-steem, even more than any of my past surgeries. My voice was not that male before, but it was still male anyway. Even with manipulation, it usually remained in a range considered androgynous, and it required a lot of effort to sound somewhat female and even so in low voice and for a short time. The medic also said which I would become unable to scream, and I hope I do not need it. I learned self-defense in case I need. He said I should not for a while talk too much and to not attempt screaming. MtF people did not had voice surgery in the past, so I am happy with what I got despite a few limitations.

At the photo you can see what he did to my vocal chords. This surgery is not a thyroplasty, but a "wendler glotoplasty" instead. The surgeon said to me which it could have more lasting results, as in some cases a thyroplasty could become undone with time and the patient would lose all or part of the improvements. He made an examination of my throat after the surgery, and even after 2 months the surgery is still a success. It endured me getting H3N2, having fever for almost a week and constant coughing; I made a lot of effort to not cough too hard thugh. I catched a flue other times but as I had already caught it before it did not got worse. Other thing which happened was which I ended puking, something which could damage the surgery stitches, but they resisted without issues. Perhaps it is needed the constant exposure of them to the stomach acids for them to become damaged. You will feel them more the more your throat heals, they will fall out with time.

Here are some samples of my voice feminization. Some can question my sanity by showing my old voice, as many sorry people in internet can use that to mock MtF people such as myself; but I already lived long enough to simply no longer care. Whatever. To give a more accurate idea of how a voice feminizatio surgery would be to those seeking that information, that is more important to me. I could speak more, but I know which many nowadays would rather read more "fast-food" texts.

Before the surgery (in portuguese):

Before the surgery, manipulated (in japanese):

After a surgery, with 2 months (in portuguese):

There is a lot of voice training and recovery of the vocal chords for me in the future. I hope this information was useful to you.

Last Updated: 2022/02/14

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