Videos showing my learning of the recorder, which started at some point in 2019 and remains until now. This instrument I learned by myself, but some lessons would help me in fixing some flaws. The recorder I play was given to me by grandma before dying and I never played it; it is a low cost model from germany which is impossible to damage because it has no separated parts. I think it is a easy to play instrument and highly portable.

Now for some mysticism: After my grandma death, I had a dream where she appeared playing a recorder and invited me to play with her although I believed I could not play well. For my surprise I could do it in my dream and after waking up and attempting to achieve the same I indeed could play the instrument. For the recorder trembling hands are irrelevant, but the problem with my mutant little finger persisted. You must manage the air of your lungs and mouth position at the instrument tip however.






Ode to Joy.

Last Updated: 2022/02/11

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