Videos about my singing learning, which started around december 2018 (after the end of the violin lessons) and goes on. The classes were conducted by teaacher called "Kamilla" until November of 2019, but it is interesting to mention which I was already learning how to modify my voice by myself (but not singing) since May 2018. It is a complex instrument, because it is your own vocal folds and any change in mind and body will affect the outcome. You also need to know the vocal level equivalent of each note and like the recorder you must learn about how to manage the air from your lungs. You must also control the shape of your mouth. To truly sing is not easy. It is a very portable instrument because it is attached to your own body.

I will not show most of the past videos because I soon noticed which I did not achieved the desired outcome because my vocal folds developed in a masculine manner. To obtain the notes I liked I needed to change a lot my voice tone and it for a long period could damage my vocal folds, and also, I only could reach the notes if not feeling sadness, anger or excitment with something. For now I will show only simple voice manipulations and singing, but in the past I already singed "Belem Bell", "Aquarela" from Toquinho e "Flower Duet" by Lakme. I solved that issue in 2021, and soon will show singing with my new voice.

Which notes I could achieve when I started the studies (without surgery):

Which notes I could achieve when I finished my studies (without surgery):


Speaking in japanese.

Last updated: 2022/02/11

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