Those videos concern my learning of the violin from the february of 2018 until the end of the lessons to give way for singing lessons in november 2018 and beyond. The lessons started around november 5 2017 though, with a teacher called "Natan"; but I did not included the videos from before 2022 for personal reasons.

It is said which violin is a hard instrument, but I found it challenging instead of hard. If you believe in such a thing, I once dreamnt I already played violin in a past life. It is an instrument with average portability; and the brand I started with called "michael" is low quality, incresing the tremors of my hand and changing the sound. I also have a little mutation at my little finger and hand tremors as my father who are genetic, they make it harder for me to play, and during shows the noise from the public and lights easily distracted me due to the autism sensibilities.


Happy Christmas 1.


Hunter Chorus


Special audio effects.


Allegro, Go Tell Aunt Rhody, O Come Little Children, May Song, Long Long Ago and Perpetual Motion.

Last Updated: 2022/02/11

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