Sometimes I join musics from the past with art covers from the web and my own graphic design to produce music videos for your enjoyment. The cover art and music are copyrighted to their respective owners, all the rest (graphic design) is copyrighted to me.

If you are the owner of a music and do not want it here, use the contact page to let me know. I will require proof of ownership.

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The Elder Scrolls - Vision

The Elder Scrolls - Snow

The Elder Scrolls - Where Dost Thou Hail

The Elder Scrolls - Tharn's Betrayal

The Elder Scrolls - Fog

The Curse of Monkey Island

The Sims 1 - Building Mode 2

The Sims 1 - Building Mode 5

Total Annihilation音楽15

Total Annihilation音楽17

Total Annihilation音楽2

Total Annihilation音楽3

Total Annihilation音楽4

Total Annihilation音楽5

Total Annihilation音楽6

Total Annihilation音楽7

Total Annihilation音楽9

Total Annihilation音楽11

Total Annihilation音楽12

Total Annihilation音楽13

Total Annihilation音楽14

Total Annihilation音楽16

Total Annihilation音楽10

The Windmills of your mind

Total Eclipse of the heart - Bonnie Tyler - Violin

The Swan Lake - Violin

Last updated: 2022/02/09