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Consumidor.Gov. Brazil. 2 Stars

It works, but it is behind "reclame aqui" in interface and number of shops.

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Reclame Aqui. Brazil. 3 Stars

It works, include many companies and have a good user interface.

Yelp. International. 2 Stars

For ratings about places. Do not try to influence the ratings but its popularity depends on the country. In Brazil it has 0 reach.

Google Maps. International. 1 Stars

Para avaliações de lugares. Interfere nas reclamações as reduzindo a versões muito diluídas das mesmas e pratica o shadow block de reclamações que não aprova, ou seja, bloqueia para todo mundo menos para você para que não descubra. Infelizmente a sua popularidade é alta.

Doctoralia. International. 1 Stars

For ratings about medics. It strongly influentiates the complaints, reducing them to very watered down versions while ironically it accepts normally positive ratings while claiming to be a site to "inform about medics" and which it is not paid for positive ratings. Some medics use it, but many others do not.

Realself. International. 2 Stars

For ratings about medics which work with plastic surgery. It does not influentiate the complaints, but it is a site more target and north america users, having 0 reach to complain about medics outside this country. They sometimes focus on certain medics and procedures, which may indicate favoritism in other ways.

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Last Updated: 2022/02/11

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