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Those are the fashion stores I could test, followed by a rating in stars and a review.


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Physical Stores

Basic Moda Feminina. Fortaleza, Ceara, Brasil. 1 Estrelas

O atendimento foi regular, pediram para comprarmos nos mesmos o tecido na casa blanca ao inves de resolverem isso por nos pelo preco; tambem nao cumpriram o prazo de entrega.

Online Stores

Bonprix. Brasil. 1 Estrelas

Praticam desonestidade em seu marketing. Ao entrar no site da primeira vez ofereceram "20 reais de desconto" se eu me cadastrasse, eu nao o fiz porque so Deus sabe o que farao com meus dados, por isso a tentativa de fisgar o visitante. Para comprar eu tive de me inscrever de qualquer forma, e apenas *apos* comprar mandaram o desconto de "20 reais" e apenas valido por 1 mes! Antes disso ofereceram novamente um "desconto de 20 reais", mas dessa vez era um programa que se voce se inscrevesse os 20 reais logo seriam tomados de volta pela taxa mensal do programa... pedi para encerrar a minha conta e fui comprar de lojas mais honestas.

Bling Jewelry. New Jersey, United States. 1 Stars

Horrible shop. They delayed a lot sending the earrings *I PAID FOR*, and only sent after I complained. They never sent the tracking code of the "first time we sent". There is complaints even amoung its staff if you search in google. The product were acceptable, but when I asked them to remove my account from their site as I would no longer buy there, they refused!. There are many pages in facebook from this shop (suspicious) which offer the same things but written in different manners, and they removed the ratings area of their site by having too much negative ratings (dishonesty). They even dare to reply e-mails containing complaints with "we do not know what we did wrong, give us more details, let us talk. Have a blingy day!"...

Glamfields. China, Shenzhen, Minzhi Street. 1 Stars

Their customer support is nonexistent. I purchased hair clips from their site, and after some time they reimbursed the purchase without giving a reason. They thought I had purchased from amazon, but I actually purchased directly from their store. I asked for an explanation and they said they did not sold to Brazil. It did not became clear if it was as issue at that moment or if it always was that way and they did not told their online customers...

I then asked for the deletion of my account at their site, my right, and all they said was "we are sorry for the incovenience". I tried other e-mail of "customer support" and said which I would complain everywhere I knew if they did not did as I requested; they then asked for "screen captures of the conversation" where I had problems and said "we will do it".

I sent what they asked and all they said was "ok", no longer finishing the messages with the "best regards, customer support" because they knew I was saving the conversations. After 3 days I looked if the account was removed and it was not, they lied and did not cared. It is very probable which the different "customer support e-mails" actually went to the same persons, it is not a business so big and successful as they want you to believe. They did not even wrote or understood basic english well.

In the end I put false information at my account so they could not sell my personal data later. Their site have links to social profiles which do not even exist, and although their products have a high rating in amazon, if you look at their social networks their real social reach is very small. It may indicate which the likes and positive ratings are purchased. They have 3 different profiles in facebook (suspicious), like they were fleeing from older negative ratings.

It is another false shop like many in this world, with a bunch of people which want only your money by any means necessary and do not care about the customers which keep their shop running. Selling products is just an excuse.

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Last Updated: 2022/02/11

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