Those are the restaurants and similar which I could test, followed by a rating in stars and a review. Usually the problem is food done without any care about quality, sometimes giving health problems to you; other times they see you as a "tourist to be deplumed" and charge high prices for that junk. If a place does too much advertisement, distrust; as sometimes they do not even have a department for complaints, not caring about the client.


Excellent Good Average Bad Awful


Sorveterias Cairu. Belem Para, Brazil. 1 Stars

They did discrimination against me because I am a trans woman, it was visible them holding their laughter but did not talked anything because they knew the consequences and my father kept staring them after noticing it. They do not even had contact ways, complaint department, nothing! This is the real face of the "best icecream shop in Brazil north"... they take advantage because they are the only one, but the competition is slowly appearing to teach them a lesson.

Restaurante Ubajara. Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil. 1 Stars

The food was horrible, hard and full of fat; more fit for construction workers and students without options than for you. There is even a sign there confirming what I said.

O Euclides Pizzaria e Churrascaria. ?, ?, Brazil. 1 Stars

We asked for a specific food and they delievered something different from what we paid for; they must had thought it was amusing to take advantage of the "dumb tourists".

Churrascaria Guaíba. ?, ?, Brazil. 2 Stars

Their meat made my mother feel ill and the toilet was horrible. Some foods were good while others not. They have a small store of handicrafts in onyx stone and shells at the entrance.


Last Updated: 2022/02/11

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