Those are the tourism spots I could test, with a rating in stars and a review.

Keep in mind which many places in Brazil north and northeast have only their good side or even a false good side shown to people from outside Brazil. The tourism companies do not care with your safety, they just want your money. Only if you keep that in mind which you will be able to visit them with some safety.


Excellent Good Average Bad Awful


Mercado Central de Fortaleza. Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil. 3 Stars

One of the sellers cloned my father's card which was used to pay a purchase... the place is quite damaged, I only do not give it a negative rating because there are many good sellers too which offer a great variety of popular products.

Mercado Ver-o-Peso. Belem, Para, Brazil. 2 Stars

It is a quite popular place, but dirty (cockroaches, rats, human urine...) and dangerous, who lived there know. At the herbs and regional things such as handicraft aspect it is well supplied and cheaper than in "estacao das docas", but be careful when buying and negotiate the prices.

Estação das Docas. Belem, Para, Brazil. 1 Stars

May it be registered which at cairu stand I suffered discrimination by being trans, it was visible them containing their laughter and not talking anything because they knew the consequences. You can find cheaper handicraft and the like at the "ver-o-peso" market to the side of this place.

Centro Dragão do Mar de Arte e Cultura. Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil. 1 Stars

The truth must be told: It is a place with a lot of beggars outside, one even threatened infecting us with HIV because we did not gave money to him. It has many damaged areas being repaired. Be careful of positive ratings, they sometimes are false or from people which think the place bad side is normal.


Last Updated: 2022/02/11

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