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These are the shops which sells travel presents which I could test, followed by a rating in stars and review.

Be careful, as in Brazil north and northeast many times tourists are seen as "ducks" to be "deplumed", quite insensitive isn't? They sell products of low quality with high prices and advertise as if they were wonderful products. Have some sense in you when buying from one of those stores, if they do not respect you, do not buy there and warn your friends.


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Marajo Artesanatos. Belem, Para, Brazil. 1 Stars

It is inside "estacao das docas", a tourism point. It sold me "natural" soap which had caustic soda from "orion perfumaria", they even hurt my eyes. Operating "since 1960" (if really truth) taught them nothing. If a product was fake, other can also be.

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Last Updated: 2022/02/11

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