To restore photos is a quite gratifying work, because you are restoring the memories of a family, avoiding its loss. Sometimes the damage is too great to restore a given area, and in this moment restoration join forces with painting, the photo restoration professional must imagine about how a lost area looked before and paint it. The artist side of the photo restoring professional also is useful when imagining the colors which the photo would have when it is in grayscale or when it has lost the blue and yellow due to time, becoming redish.

For a digital photo restoration to achieve its maximum quality, it is necessary for the photo to be scanned with the right resolution in ppi (pixels per inch). This value cannot be too low under the risk of not having a good file to image to work with, neither too high or the scanner will capture even the dust and paper texture from the photo. The photo must be handled with gloves and cleaned with pencils; the scanner glass must also be clean. Some photos are bigger than the scanner and need to be scanned in many parts and joined without inaccuracies, and that is quite difficult.

A digital photo restoration can preserve the original photo but is limited to the state of such a photo; being different from a chemical restoration, which can restore extra details under the risk of damaging forever the original photo.

Last Update: 2022/02/09

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